• PSEUDO. It features a robotic head, a dreskeleton, a variety of sensors, a multiscreen system and interactive images and sound.

    The second act of Luigi Pirandello’s last and unfinished drama sets us in The Arsenal of Apparitions, a place where dreams come true. This is a room in the Scalonga, the magician Cotrone’s house, who is the main character of the play. The Arsenal of Apparitions is a sophisticated version of the device that projects shadows into the Platonic cave, and other types of projection appliances as the magic lantern, smartphones or the mecatronic spaces that Marcel·lí uses in his performances. 

    The roots of the Pseudo scenic proposal can be found in Cotrone, created by Antúnez in the year 2010, which invented an inexistent fourth act for The giants of the mountain. Now, the stories that formed this imaginary final act are added to new Act zero ones. All these scenes are decomposed and interconnected in varied forms to create new narratives in a theatral kaleidoscope forged with the help of the newest technologies.

    You won't find comfortable stalls here to comfortably relax while seeing what happens on the other side of the "fourth wall". On the contrary, you will also be part of a show which will keep you constantly in movement and where you will be surrounded by dreams, projections, sensors and authonomous mechanisms.