ALSAXY, MARCEL•LÀXIA  SOCIALSpace Isern Dalmau from the Lluís Coromina Foundation, Barcelona |November 2019 to February 2020 | This exhibition shows the result of two of the collaborative works that Antúnez has made recently, ALSAXY held in 2015 in the capital of Alsace, Strasbourg and TRACAPELLÓ a produced in Valencia in 2017.

    ALSAXY is an interactive installation, produced by the residence Marcel·lí made in the neighbourhood of Hautepierre in Strasbourg. The installation shows a large screen the five parts of the project: Cortege, Arkignol, Kiosk, Megafish and Batamaille. The users can have a varied interaction, through the device Boxcam and four floor sensors.

    Accompany this installation the Making of this project did by Kevin Klein, five photos of the Kiosk scene, and preparatory drawings, some of them assembled on the mural made in Pittsburg, the USA in 2016.

    The video TRACAPELLÓ picks up the document of the unusual fictional protest celebrated on October 28, 2017 in Valencia by the Intramurs festival: #encru. The parade is made up of a hundred volunteers dressed in paper bugs, 25 guillotined heads, two carriages and the Ciutat Vella Orchestra of Valencia. This action, which criticizes the abuses of politics and the economy, is arranged in three stops in which dynamic curtains called "tracapelló". The parade concludes with the construction of a “falla” and its immediate burning. The “falla” is armed with the elements that make up the demonstration.

    Accompany this video with the drawing codex and books, preparatory of this action and some dresses that were saved from burning.

    The different Antúnez collaborative works have its origin in the METAMEMBRANA installation in 2009. These works arise from the desire to share and exchange, with different collectives, the stage of creation, their ideas, way of working and the universe of this artist.