• This exhibition brings together a large collection of drawing mounted on four murals. It also includes the interactive installation El instructor de canto. Galería ROJO ARTSPACE BARCELONA, June 2008

    The recurring theme in the Hibridum Bestiarium exhibition is hybrid beasts in the shape of anthropomorphic animals, genetic errors or monstrous beings. This fabuous fauna has been present for some years on the screens of his interactive installations and his mechatronic performances.

    The Hibridum Bestiarium exhibition presents a collection of over 60 drawings organised in four panels that have painted with drawings in colour. The panels are mounted symmetrically on the right and left of the room. The first, on the right, comprises preparatory drawings produced during the period when Afasia (1998) and POL (2002) were being created. The panel on the left contains a selection of drawing of animals conceived as root-images – graphics that are coloured, cut out, animated and programmed for the performances – from the performances Protomembrana (2006) and Hipermembrana (2007). The next panel on the left shows a selection of drawing that were made for the Charro Bizarro project in 1994, and the last panel brings together some of the root-drawings for the animations in the documentary El Dibuixant (2005). The exhibition also includes a beta version of the installation El instructor de canto.

    A 240-page monograph book accompanies the exhibition. It has been published by ROJO, with the same title as the exhibition, and it brings together a selection of the artist’s graphic work: root-drawings, murals and still frames.

    Production: Panspermia, S.L. y Sintonison, S.L.
    Links: Rojo Barcelona