• ‘Cotrone’, is a performance for two actors provided with discreet dreskeletons, several sensitive carpets, a guncam and a reality augmented camera. Is a production of Officine Sintetiche in Torino and Panspermia SL.

    ‘Cotrone’ parts of the idea of a hypothetical forth act of the Mountain Giants, posthumous work by Luigi Pirandello and places the characters of that play in a new plot.

    ‘Cotrone’ takes place in a mostly empty room that has as a back wall a large screen, six sensitive carpets on the floor and a reality augmented camera on the top of a tripod as well as others technological devices such as a guncam.

    The two actors of the play wear a body interface which let them control the picture, the sound and the lights in real time. It’s a development lighter and discreet of the dreskeleton used by Marcel.lí since 1998.

    ‘Cotrone’ goes beyond the elements of the traditional dramatic theatrical form in a new context where the digital interaction, the augmented reality and several interfaces let the actor increase his traditional role. This new reality allows combining from the scene itself and in a dynamic and interactive way, elements of theatre, music, lighting, video, drawing and animation.

    ‘Cotrone’ is an Italian-Spanish production opened at the Prospettiva Festival 2010 in Torino and Temporada Alta 2010 in Girona and currently is out of repertory. The play was conceived, written, drawn and directed by Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca and Antonio Pizzo and Pere Vila Barceló took part on the dramaturgy and on the script. The music was composed by Andrea Valle and performed by Alessandro Lombardo y Ettore Scarpa.